QBQ Reflection Chapter 25-30 Example

What outstanding customer service experience have you and Judy’s story reminded you of? 

The experience reminded me of when I went to a local restaurant ordered and ate the food. On checking my pocket, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. I sat there a while confused and wondering where to start. The manager must have noticed my discomfort and approached me, asking me whether everything was alright. I explained to him my situation, and he was very understanding. To my surprise, he told me he had noticed me as I was a regular there and allowed me to pay later. The fact that he had seen my presence after only a few visits made an impression of being valued. Also, he trusted me to deliver later even without any guarantee made me feel valued as a customer.

What can you do to take action like these? 

Customer service is a deliberate decision by the management. The management ought to take action to make the customers feel more valued. These include taking note of their preferences, acknowledging their presence, and striving to meet their needs. Clients are more likely to return to a business where they feel valued. Therefore, customer service is a strategic decision that enables businesses to create sustainable growth.

What would “going higher in life” look like to you, and what areas of life would you most like to make this happen? 

Going higher in life to me refers to rising above the daily frustrations in life. It means having the capacity to take charge of my life. Frustrations come from one being out of control of the situation. Instead, I have adopted a positive attitude to devote my energy to controlling and accepting areas that I cannot change. The area that I consider most is health, especially mental health. The clarity of mind gives me the strength to deal with any issue.

What is the risk or the cost of “doing nothing?” 

The cost of doing nothing is a phenomenon that presents the quantitative cost that arises from a failure to take action in a given situation. A decision to fail to do nothing implies that the status quo will be maintained, and there is no possibility for improvement. On the other hand, taking action means there is a chance of improving the situation. The risk of doing nothing is that the case will not improve, and thus future success will remain out of reach. It points to a declining path that will lead to ultimate failure for a business.

What does initiative mean to you? 

The initiative is the personal drive or motivation. That force pushes me to take actions that will lead to better outcomes in my life. The industry comes from within a person rather than external forces. It enables me to take action ahead of others and realize the benefits. My source of motivation is my personal goals and the things that I want to accomplish in this life. Therefore, I take action whenever it has the potential to bring me closer to my goals.

In what area of life do you need to bolster your initiative? 

One of the areas that I would like to improve is time management and getting rid of procrastination tendencies. Even when I already know what I need to do, I usually struggle to allocate time as time is constrained. Therefore, there is a need to work on time management and avoid procrastination behaviors.

Describe some role models that you currently have (or have had in the past). 

I had a role model who was a manager at an organization where I worked as an intern. I aspired to be a manager like him and admired his work ethic and dedication to the job. He seemed to accomplish so much within a short duration of his career. He managed to rise through the ranks to the management level within five years.

What good and what poor behavior have you been modeling? 

He always encouraged me to take charge of my goals and have a personal drive to achieve them. He encouraged me to manage my time well and break down the goals into small parts that can be allocated time. It will enable one to measure the progress daily. One of the poor behaviors that I was trying to eliminate was procrastination. I have made some tremendous strides, but there is more to be achieved. On the other side, he noted that I had a personal drive and was open to learning. He encouraged me to be receptive to new information but discern it to ensure that I implement what will benefit my goals.

Why is modeling “the most powerful teacher?” 

A role model serves as an example of what you want to achieve. They give you the initiative and personal drive to accomplish the desired goals. Also, a good role model is available to guide you to take progressive steps that will enable you to achieve your goals. It allows one to keep track and strive towards accomplishing the desired goals and objectives.

What does it mean to “hide behind the team”? 

Hiding behind the team refers to an act of not taking responsibility for one’s action. Instead, one blames the team for the misfortune or failure to accomplish personal goals. Hiding behind the group can be taken to denote measures to avoid meeting personal expectations. Instead of taking emotional charge refers to taking responsibility for one’s efforts.

How have you hidden behind the team? 

Yes, we were given a team assignment to accomplish them within a given period at one point. However, the task was too complicated, and the manager was unavailable for consultation. Instead of taking charge of the situation, we waited and told the manager that we could not accomplish the task. No one was willing to take control and consult other managers. Instead, we hid behind the team and blamed the team manager for being absent.

Give an example of when you have ever used “the team” to excuse goals not being achieved? 

In another instant, I was taking an online course that demanded time commitment to study as I struggled with my regular classes. When the exam time came, I knew I had not done enough preparations. However, instead of taking the responsibilities, I blamed the tight schedules even when it was apparent that I had not done enough trials (Miller, 2021).


Miller, J. G. (2021). QBQ!: The question behind the question: Practicing personal accountability at work and in life. Profile Books.

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