Is Safe and Confidential to Use?

“Is safe and confidential to use?” – This is one of the questions prospective clients ask most frequently, according to the insight from the PaperHelp support team. This is fully understandable as no student wants to be wrongly accused of dishonest practices. Below, we explain why using online writing assistance by PaperHelp is absolutely confidential, doesn’t violate legal regulations, and thus is completely safe.

First off, we openly declare that the materials we provide are meant for research and reference purposes only.

Now, let’s break down confidentiality-related issues. The website uses HTTPS encryption for secure communications. To register with our service, you don’t have to provide your name, address, phone number, or any other personal information – you only need to enter an email address, that’s all. You may use any of a great many platforms to create an email specifically to register on our website and remain anonymous. Moreover, it’s axiomatic that we don’t share any personal data with third parties. Plus, our internal data handling procedures are designed in a way that lets customer managers, writers, and support agents process your order just knowing its unique ID number. These measures rule out any possibility of customers’ data leakage.

When it comes to payment safety, the main thing you must know is that our website – one of a few in the industry – is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. This is a globally recognized and universally used set of measures that ensure maximum online payment security, personal data protection and excludes credit card fraud and other schemes.

Let’s sum it up. What do you get if you add up legitimacy, anonymity, confidentiality, and payment security? That’s right – complete safety! If you have more questions about measures and precautions we take to safeguard our users, we urge you to contact our customer managers – they will explain and clarify all the nuances in detail.