Is Legit to Use?

It is only natural that students looking for help with their academic issues wonder whether getting it online is legal, safe, and righteous. These concerns grew stronger over the last few years as the media turned the spotlight on some Internet celebrities who have been promoting academic writing agencies. In turn, educational institutions saw a great opportunity to shift the emphasis and pin all the problems in the industry on lawful companies like PaperHelp. That’s where the second thoughts about using online academic assistance websites originate from.

Here is what the team has to say about it:

  • We are a long-established and trustworthy service that has been setting the pace in the academic research and writing assistance market for over 10 years now.
  • We are a law-abiding company that knows the rules, follows the rules and complies with the basic standards of academic integrity.
  • We are a safe-to-use company with strict confidentiality and ‘no personal data sharing‘ policies and a PCI DSS-compliant payment processor.
  • We always warn our users about the dangers of plagiarism and urge students to follow our terms of use, which clearly prohibit submitting the unamended work as their own.

As a result, there could be the only answer to the question “Is PaperHelp legit?” – the affirmative one. In case you would like to know more about the legal or ethical sides of our operations, get in touch with our customer managers via the preferred means of communication. They will readily explain to you all the nuances of using our academic assistance solutions in the most beneficial and effective way in order to reach your goals.