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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

When you write a conclusion for an essay, make sure it isn’t just another summary or recap of what you’ve already covered. It should provide closure, while also indicating that you have opened up new questions. Here’s a sample conclusion:(more…)

How to Write a Photo Essay Example

A photo essay example is easy to create with a simple setup. While finding a spot to take photos every day can be a challenge, it’s worth it for the visual effect. Any subject can serve as the basis of a photo essay. One popular topic is transformation, but the subject should change slightly over time. For example, you could take a series of pictures focusing on a person’s change from childhood to adulthood.(more…)

Effects of Television Essay Example

Review Questions

  1. The adverse effects of television include addiction, interference with schooling, eyesight weakness, and muscle softening. Also, television has restricted people from visiting places and going out.
  2. The benefit includes that television has provided a good leisure time. People pay for television because they enjoy shows when they get home after work. Also, it gives some information that shows the audience that it is beneficial for adults and children.
  3. The concerns include that television addiction is still found in society. People watch entertainment shows for hours and do not get out of home, eventually damaging their health. Also, children are attracted to modern cartoons and shows that grasp their attention, limiting their social functionality.


World Literature Syllabus Essay Example


This short literature course is based on the masterpieces of world literature dating from antiquity to (roughly) the fourteenth century CE. It examines some of the most prominent pieces of this specific period, introducing ancient works written by different authors worldwide. As the masterpieces of world literature incorporate too many sources, this course discusses only a small part of them to provide the students with a basic understanding of how people preserved knowledge and created written stories at that time. The course offers a journey across languages and cultures to literary works and cultural artifacts.(more…)

QBQ Reflection Chapter 25-30 Example

What outstanding customer service experience have you and Judy’s story reminded you of? 

The experience reminded me of when I went to a local restaurant ordered and ate the food. On checking my pocket, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. I sat there a while confused and wondering where to start. The manager must have noticed my discomfort and approached me, asking me whether everything was alright. I explained to him my situation, and he was very understanding. To my surprise, he told me he had noticed me as I was a regular there and allowed me to pay later. The fact that he had seen my presence after only a few visits made an impression of being valued. Also, he trusted me to deliver later even without any guarantee made me feel valued as a customer.(more…)

Social Media’s Impact on Political Systems: US and Russia Essay Example


This work examines the case of democracies and the use of social media. Social media can have a positive and a negative impact on how democracy can be enabled. Individuals can have a sense of freedom when using the different ways media literacy can influence democracy. This work concludes that there is a need to ensure that social media is needed at the policy level to be used robustly to improve accountability and democracy. Several conclusions can be drawn from this research. The role of social media in dealing with democracy is critical to examine, as the evolution of various initiatives must be taken into account, as this can have a long-term impact on how democracy is handled. However, in nations such as the United States, promoting media freedom has increased the use of social media in elections and democratic processes, which can contribute to long-term change and aid in the delivery of improved levels of democracy.(more…)